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any pronouns unlabeled enby 18
infp 9w1 leo fil-am mixed 170804
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disc: bunniekyungz#4055 | roblox: yoonology101

byf i have vv bad social anxiety so pls be patient with me. mainly ia bc of school or mental health. selective with fb. cishet jokes. kys/kms jokes (lmk if ur uncomfy). mainly a bg stan. pls use tone tags, especially if we aren’t close. piss n shit jokes. can get aggressive towards my biases n ults. i flirt a lot platonically. gatekeeper of certain biases. pottymouth. make delulu posts. i hyperfixate on a lot of my interests (usually tnx & sometimes jloud). silent in gc’s w/ppl idk. sometimes nsfw. VV sensitive. i tend to stutter sometimes, especially when i’m nervous. i don’t condone any problematic behaviors of my ults and groups i stan.dni basic dni criteria. cishet. white (unless i follow first). pedo. -16/25+. misuse aave. we don’t have much in common. won’t respect neo-pronouns. use slurs you can’t re-claim. talk shit about my ults and/or groups. stan of the following: skz, newjeans, class:y, kim woojin, lucas, garam, jessi, shin jimin/kwon mina, suju & weirdo hag jay park. uncomfy w/my age. mock my hyperfixations. troll. ur from irl. you don’t like me and/or my friends. toxic engene/teume. current moots are ok.

⚡️stan list tnx kyungjun atbo seunghwan enhypen jay txt beomgyu nmixx lilly mcnd win pentagon wooseok dreamcatcher dami wjsn cheng xiao & exy loona heejin ateez seonghwa bae173 dogyul shinee jonghyun & key j-loud gyehoon xdinary heroes junhan & astro rocky epex baekseung & ayden mirae siyoung exo kyungsoo gwsn miya twice chaeyoung everglow aisha kepi bahi izone chaeyeon & hitomi oneus leedo onewe harin piwon soul dkz kyoungyoon to1 jeyou tbz sangyeon svt vernon, joshua & woozi luminous steven onf wyatt etc.casuals / supporter ive wonyoung le sserafim sakura (g)-idle yuqi pixy satbyeol dia somyi blackswan fatou & sriya aespa ningning ikon jay itzy ryujin & yeji treasure yoshi & yedam exid hani & l.e monsta x kihyun tempest lew & hanbin younite eunho onlyoneof mill kingdom chiwoo x1 seungyoun & dogyul bdc junghwan blank2y youngbin sf9 chani, hwiyoung & taeyang etc.&audition picks yuma, gaku, hayate, fuma, & maki.